The skipper Tracy Edwards has a big dream but no crew and no boat – tiny problems compared to the chilly head wind and open machismo the 26-year-old Englishwoman is met with by the male dominated sailing scene of the 1980s.
On September 2nd, 1989 time is up: Edwards enters the prestigious Whitbread Round the World Race with her boat Maiden and history’s first all-female crew. The ridicule by the press and their opponents soon turns into disbelief as Edwards wins the second leg of the race in her class. MAIDEN tells the singular story of a pioneering voyage – 33,000 nautical miles towards equality.


Title:                      Maiden (33 mn)

Tour:                     Volume 7

Direction:              Alex Holmes

Cast:                     Tracy Edwards

Country:               USA

Production:           New Black Films

Production year:  2018