Meet the protagonists of the films.

The International OCEAN FILM TOUR proudly presents the most inspiring Ocean Lovers of all times.

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“My favorite thing in the world is to just ride waves.”

Kai Lenny is aptly described as a total waterman. The Hawaiian, who stepped on a surfboard for the first time at the age of five, is regarded as an exceptional talent. He is kitesurfer, windsurfer, big-wave, tow-in, and stand-up paddle surfer. Like no other surfer out there, Lenny thrives on the water, feeling his way into the wind and waves.

In the film Paradigm Lost, part of the Internationmal Ocean Film Tour Volume 5, he shows us the ultimate watersports action in a variety of disciplines and in the best spots worldwide!

Kai Lenny

Surfer ProfessionEl

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Captain Paul Watson

"Si l'océan meurt,

nous mourons !"


Captain Watson is a marine wildlife conservation and environmental activist from Toronto, Canada. He was one of the founding members and directors of Greenpeace. In 1977, Captain Watson left Greenpeace and founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

One of the highlights in the Volume 6 edition is the film "Chasing the Thunder" -  an epic 110-day sea chase across three oceans and two seas, where Sea Shepherd tracks down the illegal fishing vessel "Thunder" and provides Interpol with the crucial evidence needed to persecute the poacher.

As the Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson couldn't come to Germany for the premiere, he joined us live on screen.

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Sylvia Earle


TED-Prize Winner


“The International Ocean Film Tour is exactly what it needed to share the view about what‘s happening to the ocean and inspire people to do something.”

The legendary oceanographer and TED prize winner dedicated her life to explore and protect the ocean. With her global coalition Mission Blue, she inspires an upwelling of public awareness, access and support for a worldwide network of marine protected areas – Hope Spots.

Dr. Sylvia Earle was the guest of honor at the premiere of the International OCEAN FILM TOUR Volume 5 in Hamburg where she gave an inspiring key note presentation on ocean conservation :

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Yvan Bourgnon's love affair with the sea dates from his earliest childhood. At the age of 8, he went around the world with his parents for four years and decided a few years later to live his passion: navigation. He is passionate about multihulls, and travels the oceans for nearly 17 years on 60-foot ORMA multihulls.

In the film "The Ocean Rider – En Équilibre sur l’océan" (Volume 5) Yvan sails around the world in 220 days: No protection against the elements, no crew and 55,000 kilometers of open water ahead. On his journey Bourgnon faces storms, pirates and not least the pollution of the oceans.

The visitors of the International Ocean Film Tour rewarded his extreme adventure with the Audience Award.


AventurIer & Skipper

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Guillaume Néry was the face of the very first International OCEAN FILM TOUR in 2014. He is a French freediver and multiple world champion of his discipline.

Besides setting up freediving records, he started to produce films with his partner Julie Gautier. The first film "Free Fall" (2010), had been seen all around the world in just a few days, revealing a new, artistic and poetic approach to freediving. Since then the couple released several films.


You can see all of them here.

Guillaume Néry

Freediving Champion

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